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Custom paintworks

Everyone’s rad is different. Classy and clean or flashy and mean. Whatever it is, let’s make it happen.


Cool Story, Bro.

As a kid, Tony had two main passions; bikes and art.  After taking a few too many slams trying to hone his wheelie skills, he quickly learned that making art didn’t hurt as bad.


With encouragement from his family and friends, Tony began to draw and paint on anything he could get his hands on. Paper led to canvas; canvas led to plywood; plywood led to bridges; bridges led to the sides of buildings; and sides of buildings led to trouble. In an attempt to keep Tony on track, his parents bought him an airbrush kit. While working on his degree in graphic design and entrepreneurship from Western Carolina University, he began exploring the ins and outs of his newly acquired tool. After finishing school, he moved from Asheville to Steamboat Springs chasing good times and deep snow. 


In 2012, Tony was hired by Specialized Bicycles and moved to Morgan Hill, California. By day, he led retail development classes, group rides and worked to get people stoked on bikes. By night, he was an independent backyard paint slinger, experimenting,  learning and sharpening his skills.

Once word got out, these side projects began to stack up. With momentum building, Tony decided to run with it. He left Specialized and moved to Bellingham, WA in 2016 to pursue a life of radness full time. His two passions have stayed with him from the beginning, along with his mediocre wheelie skills.