Frequently asked questions

Q. Will you paint bikes for anyone?

A. Heck yeah.

Q. Would you touch up scratched or damaged areas on my stock factory paint job?

A. Maybe, but most likely not. My main passion and focus is creating new things, not fixing old things.

Q. What kind of paint do you use and how durable is it?

A. I use top-shelf urethane automotive paints buried under a UV and chemical resistant clear coat. The durability of my paint is the same or better than any stock paint out there. However, it is paint and all paint will possibly scratch and/or chip if provoked. I recommend covering any vulnerable areas with clear protective vinyl for extra insurance.

Q. How much does a rad paint job typically cost?

A. Every project is different and the cost really depends on the details. For a very general idea I’ve broken it down into three categories.

  • Basic - Usually 2 - 4 colors / minimal airbrushing / details can range from $1000 - $2000

  • Standard - More colors / airbrushing / details can be up to $3000

  • Advanced - Most colors / airbrushing / details can be a lot more.

Q. What is the typical turnaround time?

A. I am typically booked out between 2 - 4 months.

Q. How do you typically come up with designs?

A. Some clients know exactly what they want, and some have no idea. I’m happy to work with either to help create something from scratch, or dial in an idea no matter how finished or rough. It does make it a little easier to have something to go on, wether it be colors, pattern, style, etc. And inspiration is everywhere. Take a look at my Pintrest page for some examples. - link

Q. What is the process to get my project going?

A. Shoot me an e-mail at with any and all details, reference images, and anything else to best describe what you are thinking. Once I have an idea of what you’re looking for, I will be able to provide a rough estimate on timing and cost. If that works for you, a deposit of $500 will hold your spot in the queue.

Q. Can I just send you my whole bike or do I need to break it down to just the frame?

A. I strongly urge you to have your local bike shop break it down, give it a good wipe-down, box it up with plenty of packing material and send me only the parts that you would like to have painted.

Q. How do I get my bike to you?

A. Most folks chose to ship their item to me through Bike Flights using this link -